White satin top hat, Mario Moreno Moyano, On Gala

White satin top hat


White satin top hat. Mario Moreno Moyano

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  •  ():  White satin top hat -  Muchas gracias por todo! El traje me sienta perfecto!
  •  ():  White satin top hat -  Tienda muy recomendable, gran trato y servicio.
  •  ():  White satin top hat -  Good service, thanks for all!
  •  ():  White satin top hat -  Bestellung ohne Probleme geliefert, alles ok danke!
  •  ():  White satin top hat -  Je l'aime !!

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White satin top hat. Mario Moreno Moyano

This top hat is made by request of our customers and followers with the same fabric of the suit, thought exclusively to achieve a complete set coordinated with suit (and even shoes). But we warn that the fabric is not designed for use in a hat, so there are always certain wrinkles in the hat, since the fabric does not have enough consistency. It is a coordination hat, and it is not intended to be finished without wrinkles or bubbles.
  • Compositions Satin
  • Colour White
  • Fabric Design Plain
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