Ottavio Nuccio Gala 2020 Collections

Comercial Moyano presents new 2020 groom suits collections Ottavio Nuccio Gala

"Five collections for every moment of your life..."


Gentleman Collection (Red label) points towards Excellence. Wool-Silk, wool and blended fabrics S'140 extra fine wools "Double Twisted".

"New Performance": new microfiber fabrics used for garment semisartorial give great results, perfectly reflecting the diversity and traditional values of comfort, taste typical Italian. A "post Dandy" collection, which manifests in different designs and colors.

Points of excellence:

  • Italian wedding suits and morning coats sartorial cut in one piece, without cutting the waist stylizing the figure.
  • Excellence fabrics wool-silk, wool satins "140 Threads" Super 120's wool fresh, "New Performance", viscose-wool "Double Twisted".

Black Tie

The Black Tie collection (black label) represented in all its versions, is consistent in design with impeccable tailoring and sober colors and elegant, suitable for night.

Given his eccentric sobriety, is suitable for gala ceremonies, wedding receptions and red carpet events.

Points of excellence:

  • Tuxedo, Dinner jacket, Black Tie, White tie, evening suits.
  • Excellence fabrics wool-silk, wool Planks 140 threads, Super 120's wool fresh, "New Performance" Viscose-Wool "Double Twisted" and velvet "Made in Italy".

Emotion Collection

Ottavio Nuccio Gala adopts the "Emotion" label because wearing one of these suits, you will feel truly a unique thrill.

If your personality allows, wearing a rock-chic model and be yourself. Choose carefully where and when wearing it, you will be the center of attention.

Points of excellence:

  • Prêt-a-Porter, High fashion suits Rockstar, New Preppy and Gothic inspiration.
  • “New Performance” fabrics, Pure silk Jacquards and luxury brocades.


The word "Fashion" is a British term that derives from the French word "Façon" understood in medieval times as "good work".

Ottavio Nuccio Gala takes the word "Fashion" (purple label) as their own, in order and perfection of the "good work".

Points of excellence:

  • Wedding Suits, Levits and Froks for contemporary elegance ceremonies.
  • "New Performance" fabrics, with new forms, microfibers composed pl. and viscous semisartorial used for a suit of great results.


Like any good work, this mode of dress should be accepted by the couple.

These wedding suits are so romantic, you must not nullify the main protagonist who is the bride. With the right harmony, the couple will give a princely and romantic image.

Points of excellence:

  • Groom Suits unique in the world of the eighteenth century romantic inspiration.
  • Jacquards, brocades and historical embroideries unique of Ongala with precious details.