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Groom suits

Often, we find many catalogs of wedding dresses with different styles, sizes and prices among the bride can choose your ideal model; magazines with appropriate accessories, the best hairstyle, or an unique makeup. The choice of color is often more simple: white or ivory.

Seldom due attention to grooms suits, as opposed to wedding dresses, is provided. The choice of men's suits or their additions arouses little interest.

It is often argued that "man (groom) has it easier."
Also it used to be a total ignorance of what guests should dress according to the type and timing of the ceremony.

Ultimately, little is known about the "dress code" for both groom and for guests. Today we will try to explain some concepts.

The only time the clothing of a man should meet accepted standards of protocol is in events and social occasions and therefore, at a wedding. As does the table rules.


Whether ceremony take place by day or by night, whether formal or informal, should be no doubt about the correct use and tasteful of what type of grooms suits should be dressed for a celebration.

In such a significant and important moment in a man's life, dress like a true gentleman is a matter of sensitivity, courtesy and observe the rules.

It is adequate to follow rules that unify the clothing of the attendees to noone would be out of tune.

Normally, the dress code should be detailed in the invitation, which reports to the recommendation, obligation or prohibition on clothing.

Then, classify the different types of weddings that exist and develop different kinds of clothes To every ceremony and time:
Groom suits for a formal morning wedding

Location: A church. Whether it be in the city and in the countryside.
Dress Code: Formal and strict. Men on mornig suits and women short dressed.
Suitable attire: diplomat morning suit. Should be composed of the following elements: 
  • Frock coat gray or black wool, peak lapel with white flower in buttonhole.
  • Striped pants.
  • Double or single breasted vest on white linen or light gray wool for the groom. Guests, with black vest with white trim.
  • White shirt with pleated bib.
  • Ascot tie or regular tie with pearl brooch.
  • Black suspenders.
  • Gray gloves.
  • Hat and cane.
  • Straight tip black shoes, Oxford, Derby or Monkstrap.
Groom suits for a formal morning wedding

Groom suits for a formal evening wedding
Location: Church or a house, always after six.
Dress code: Strict and formal. Tailcoats for men and women long dressed.

Suitable attire: White Tie or tailcoat. Should be composed of the following elements:
  • Black wool jacket and pants.
  • White pique shirt, bow tie collar.
  • White pique vest.
  • White bow tie.
  • White suspenders.
  • Patent leather shoes.
  • White pocket handkerchief.
  • White gloves
  • Black cotton socks. 
  • White boutonniere.
Groom suits for a formal evening wedding
Groom suits for a casual morning wedding
Location: In a house, garden or court.
Dress code: Casual. Men in two piece outfit and women short dressed.
Suitable attire: Tailored suit.
  • Double or single breasted jacket
  • Navy blue pants (city) or white (country).
  • White shirt.
  • Blue tie.
  • Black or white shoes.

Groom suits for a casual morning wedding
Groom suits for a semi-formal evening wedding

Location: Warm weather and summer but strictly after six. 
Dress code: Formal. Men in tuxedos and women short.

Suitable attaire: Tuxedo ("black tie or dinner suit").
  • Black Jacket or "midnight blue", one button (in the city) or white double breasted (in the field), both with satin collar.
  • Satin bow tie 
  • Bow tie collared shirt .
  • Black cool wool trousers or "midnight blue".
  • Flat patent leather shoes or "sleepers".
  • Black silk cummerbund or "midnight blue" instead of the vest.
  • White boutonniere.
  • White linen pocket handkerchief.
Groom suits for a semi-formal evening wedding
Groom suits for a royal or military wedding
Location: Church or Cathedral. Whether it be in the city or in the countryside.
Dress code: strict and formall. Men with full uniform or tailcoat and women long dressed.
Suitable attaire: Full dress uniform.
  • Official uniform of any branch of the military.


Groom suits for a countryside or beach wedding
Location: countryside or beach.
Dress Code: Formal Jacket. Men on suits and women short dressed.

Suitable attaire:
  • Dark blue double-breasted jacket or light single breasted suits for the beach
  • Wool trousers.
  • White shirt.
  • Plain blue tie or blue and white polka dots tie or bow tie 
  • Black or white/black peak shoes. 

Groom suits for a countryside or beach wedding

Groom suits for a cocktail
Location: Nightclub. 
Dress code: Cocktail: men in dark suits and short dressed women.

Suitable attaire:
  • Black wool suit or "midnight blue".
  • Light blue or white shirt.
  • Black shoes or brown.

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