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A common mistake in the Spanish weddings' dress code is wearing a morning suit for weddings that take place after 6 pm.

If the aim is to provide the maximum ceremony formality and solemnity, it is appropriate to wear a tailcoat. If not, it is advisable an impeccable tuxedo, although conceptually defined as an informal garment becomes groom in a smart host.

Ottavio Nuccio Gala italian tuxedos collection

Often, many grooms shy away from using a tuxedo at their wedding because it reminds them of a waiter. Respecting such a worthy profession, we must say that the difference lies in what tuxedo and accessories are chosen.

Designed to look both afternoon or evening weddings, and award ceremonies, cocktail parties and other social events of some significance, but without the importance of a formal reception or a gala dinner, reflected in a tuxedo who wears a looks hard to beat for a suit and denotes a precise knowledge of the rules of etiquette.

The tuxedo is not a piece of work, it is an outfit that depending on sobriety or transgression you want to show, is composed of a bright jacket lapels, single or double breasted; black or white, dark or midnight blue, blue or other colors; in tartan plaid or velvets and smooth ceilings; formal shirt with double cuff, black fist gallon pants with satin cummerbund and bow tie set, handkerchief, scarf, cufflinks, suspenders and black shoe or if you prefer, coordinated vest.

By 2015, Ottavio Nuccio Gala proposes an absolute differentiation with colorful silk tuxedos or multiple combinations, velvet tuxedos for fall, Scottish clans, the classic and timeless black, or bold and unique collection Emotion with shawl or peak lapel, single or double breasted.

Variety is the same you can imagine yourself.

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