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Morning Suit

The morning suit emerged in England during the nineteenth century, when the cavalry of the British court used it as official uniform.

Because the frock coat was provided with one central opening in the back, was comfortable and suitable for mounting on the chair. Later, the morning suit was used by the English gentlemen in hunting on horseback and became one of the most stylish models for men and even used during ceremonies or official events. It consists of three pieces: coat, vest and pants ..

Italian bespoke suit, black 100% cotton velvet tuxedo jacket with shawl lapel and one button closure; coordinated with houndstooth trousers, style 938 Ottavio Nuccio Gala 2015 Black Tie Collection.
Today the morning suit is exclusively for weddings that will be placed in the morning, held in the church for families with a high average standard of living and traditional tastes.

Some middle-class families, and "nouveau riche" often improvise a wedding dressed in morning suit, without knowing the culture of sartorial elegance and taste. Most of these people did not know the dress code without any scruples, rent a tuxedo, worn and tired and ... "Long live the newlyweds". 

Perhaps you think no one notices, but you're wrong, because it is felt immediately when someone pretends to be what it really is, and shows the opposite effect: a "wannabe".

Elegance is something you feel and for this reason, if you respect, is better and more worthy to buy a suit, although cheap and at least be yours and you can use it again. 

It is advisable not to imitate these behaviors or wear a morning suit at all costs. This is a special, unique and unforgettable day, and we should start our new life married to a rented suit. The photos will remain forever, and when we meet again, over the years, we regret not having worn a our costume. In the end, the difference between buying and renting is not going to change our lives, if we think about representing the total count of the expenses of a wedding.

Paradoxically, this behavior does not occur when choosing the bride dress. Of course, assumes your purchase, since it must be something special and used only for that day. Why the bride and groom themselves, right? Do not are each 50% of the participants of the wedding? Think about it.

If finally you choose the classic, formal morning suit, you should also keep in mind that your family and close friends are subject to the same dress code, ie they should wear the same.

In this particular case, rental for guests is justified, since they are not the protagonists, although not a bad idea to have a good morning coat closet and a tuxedo for special occasions at night, and your purchase will be amortized over the first three times when you use it.

Italian bespoke black wedding morning suit, gray fil a fil pants style 1191 Ottavio Nuccio Gala, 2015 Gentleman collection.

If, however, you choose a monocolor morning suit, family and guests are free to wear a morning coat or lounge suit.Italian bespoke wedding morning suit, anthracite grey fil a fil, style 377 Ottavio Nuccio Gala, 2015 Gentleman collection.

The choice of fabric is essential because only through touch can feel the quality of a suit, and the touch must be light and silky. To feel comfortable, it is advisable to:

For Fall - Winter weddings: a fabric with a weight not exceeding 380 g / m2 and a minimum of 280 g / m2.

For Spring - Summer weddings: a cool wool or similar material, due to its light weight: 280 gr / m2, proper weight also for any season.

It is very important to pay attention to this detail, because a bad choice can ruin this happy day.

The color of choice for the classic morning suit is black, but blue or dark gray are advisable.

However, keep in mind that the classic style should not be exceeded in bright colors for trying to look cool as the morning coat was created as a classic model and need not be reinvented, it needs just a touch of color.

Italian bespoke suit, black jacket in wool-acetate fabric with peak lapel and 1 button closure; with striped trousers, style 60134 Ottavio Nuccio Gala, 2015 Fashion collection.Italian bespoke wedding morning suit, black coat and diplomatic pants, style 896 Ottavio Nuccio Gala, 2015 Gentleman collection.

In the case of monochromatic morning suit, colors can be black, blue, dark gray, medium or light, Fil-a-Fil, pattern "herringbone" thin pinstripes or 10 mm and not too pronounced.

A very important detail that needs to be considered is the location and time of the ceremony and reception. If after the ceremony, the banquet continued overnight is advisable to change the suit and wear something more appropriate for the night, a dark suit or tuxedo with cummerbund and bow tie. Dressing a morning suit overnight is absolutely wrong.

In following articles discuss the supplements for the morning suit: shirt, tie, suspenders, shoes, hat, cane and gloves.