White groom suits - Comercial Moyano
Bridal White is the color par excellence, is in the floral decorations, the cake and of course, the bride's dress. But why can not the boyfriend also wearing white suit? Everyone says that he can not remove role to the bride, and therefore is the only one who can wear white. But the groom is also the center of the ceremony and should stand out above all attendees. Thus the target is a valid option equal to it.

Today that has changed thousands of traditions regarding the wedding color wedding suit could not keep up. In an age like ours that what prevails in weddings is the taste of the spouses and fashion, everyone can choose whatever you feel like to enjoy their big day, for example, wear a suit of white boyfriend.

In addition and not only by hunger, the rite of the ceremony may require a white suit, such as:

It's a beach wedding.
It's the color that requires the rite.
It's her second wedding.

In Ottavio Nuccio Gala we present our collection of white suits for boyfriend, either in suit coat or tuxedo.

It is true that at a wedding the couple decided and can do what they want, do it with a minimum of taste and sophistication. Everything is attached to the place and style ceremony.

For example, for a beach wedding, Ibiza or simply in a garden, giving it an island style you can opt for a white linen suit. The lightness of the fabric and casual appearance but appropriate for those occasions outside, gives the perfect wedding that guy over many grooms looking carefree touch.

If instead the wedding is indoors, with romantic and classical theme, the choice of white baroque siut would be appropriate, either coat or frock. This style blends perfectly with such flamboyant costumes bride in her essence. It is the classic dress groom highlights some vintage style weddings. All details of those compounds, either stones or embroidered, are in perfect harmony with the details of the wedding and of course the bride dress.

Another perfectly good option, especially for summer weddings would be a white tuxedo. The garment that has fallen into disuse is very elegant, however, we must not forget that the tuxedo is a piece of night, therefore have to use it from 19:00 pm.

In short, the white is perfect for the couple who want to make a difference between them and the rest, keeping certain key bridal color.
Italian bespoke silver/white brocade Korean Frock Coat with Mao collar decorated with rhinestones, style 1264 Ottavio Nuccio Gala, 2015 Baroque collection.White pure linen suit with notch lapel with 2 buttons closure. Flap pockets and straight buttonholes. Twin vents at back, style 1031 Ottavio Nuccio Gala, Fashion Collection.
Italian white tuxedo wedding suit in Shantung silk fabric with black satin lapel and black trousers, style 979 Ottavio Nuccio Gala, Black Tie collection.Italian bespoke white satin Tailcoat with silver drako embroidery and Mao collar with crystal rhinestones, style 1291 Ottavio Nuccio Gala, 2015 Baroque collection.