Groom waistcoats - Comercial Moyano
Here is one of the most versatile garments groom. The vest allows us to move from a one groundbreaking classic look. And it is that not only its wide range models but also in fabrics, prints and colors allow us to vary from one extreme to another. In Ottavio Nuccio we have a wide range of vests boyfriend fit perfectly in your style, whatever it is.

Assuming that each garment fits a different style jacket, straight fit all, because it is the most classic. Using this premise, then we'll just know that vest will be the most appropriate to suit.

If we are to go with cutaway, we can use the straight jacket, a classic. The cross or the asymmetrical crossed, for example, are perfect for use in three monochrome or combining parts in a lighter shade, creating contrasts. The closing of the asymmetric cross V vest will be a very modern option that adds a touch of innovation is so classic garment.
Worked in various tissues such as wools or silks fil fil, vests or can be combined into three pieces with the same color as his coat; printed with a micro design or tartan, or smooth contrasting color with the tuxedo.
Double-breasted waistcoat made from an ivory micro patterned fabric with shawl collar and 6 buttons closure.

For the tuxedo is more common use with sash, unless it crossed not use neither the one nor the other. But also it can be used to vest. In this case it is more appropriate to wear a vest plain color that contrasts with the tuxedo, for example if the tuxedo is black, the vest can be green, red, white, gray ...

Or failing that, take his pants as if this differs from the jacket. This is very recurrent if the pants contain any type of tissue such as houndstooth and Prince of Wales.
Unlike the previous two models, the common attire supports more flexibility in this garment, always coming into line with their fabric and color. At this point we throw imagination to combine with the suit that we select for the ceremony.
Pearl gray men wedding waistcoat in micro patterned pure jacquard silk fabric, Ottavio Nuccio Gala collection.

For example, with a black semilevita of the fashion collection, it will vest in silver tones satin or silk shantung, which will at the same brightness of the suit or vest with contrast micro design and create a new style.

Conversely in the case of a fancy dress as the Emotion collection; combined with a vest according to the jacket, or if this is brocade patchwork. Or smooth for not taking a backseat to the jacket.

Blue jacquard waistcoat with 4 ONGala signature buttons closure.
If in any case the suit was a common suit, you will get a vest that gives life to the whole.

In the case of Frac, the protocol is more demanding. Either crossed or rectum of a row of color buttons sends the ceremony. For academic or religious activities must be black vest, while the other acts must be white.

White waistcoat in cotton pique fabric with mother of pearl buttons.