Groom accessories - Comercial Moyano
True, the groom's attire is essential, a good suit elegance to mark the ceremony. But despite this the perfect costume that are the accessories that can be used to take full potential of this. Supplements are a vital part of the wedding suit, we can distinguish them by the protagonist of the ceremony merely a guest with a good suit. With supplements we can bring out the characteristics of the style we want out, whether we are more classical, modern or even more gothic atmosphere.

And there are a host of accessories that can be used to improve our attire. On the basis of the most basic decisions ons to choose between neck and bow ties, ties, ascots ... Passing sobrecamisas as vests or sashes and finally the type of shoes that we will choose. And once selected these essential accessories, as have other more optional straps, belts, brooches, pins ...

Starting with the basic supplements, we primarily know the style you want to host, once taken this decision select vest, if we give it a more preppy or more English with classic jackets, or a more modern air with vests or shine microdesign . If we want a more night party style and you can opt for a sash, more suitable for tuxedos.
Tie pin with sapphire crystal rhinestone.

Once selected, we spent the neck. In the case of using bow sash need. But if instead we want more variety bring vest. For a more classic boyfriend, we will opt for Corbatón or an ascot. If we want to give an air of modernity, more Italian, we choose a narrow tie, as if what we want is to go gala night or opt for a bow tie.

Nickel tone chain with blue sapphire rhinestones Ottavio Nuccio Gala.

The style of the shoes it will mark the rest of garments, if we want to go take one classic Oxford lace or a monkstrap. To go a combined modern moccasins and derby or in the case of wearing a tuxedo, we can opt for the so trendy slippers.

Blue polka dots red pure silk bow tie Ottavio Nuccio Gala.

When we have taken all these decisions, it's time to give the little touches that had just set the style for the day of our wedding. From the inside it was a very important detail that draws much attention is the handkerchief, we choose depending on the other colors that have previously chosen, as can ponérnoslo tie / bow tie or combine.

Blue double-breasted waistcoat in mohair and alpaca wool fabric, with shawl collar and covered buttons closure.

For cummerbund and bow tie to go with you can opt for a shirt with front and desmotables buttons to further define the type of tuxedo you want. In case we can use lead vest pocket watch chains and pins to give a gentleman air if we use the classic fashion pearl or more if we give a touch of color. Another supplement that will be essential twins should be discreet in black or silver to shine by its own absence.

Cashmere pure silk tie and handkerchief Ottavio Nuccio Gala.

When we subject ourselves can choose pants or belt straps. If we go for the first, we will more comfortable because they keep his pants on the site and is more versatile than the belt, we can give a splash of color or a sober and classic. The belt will be perfect if you want a more rock style.

Gray Metallic combined with black patent leather “Francesina” shoes style Ottavio Nuccio Gala.