Prince of Wales morning coat - Comercial Moyano
In recent years, the tuxedo Prince of Wales has won over the traditional whole diplomatic cutaway and is a great choice to wear it at a wedding.
On the one hand, the character printed dress attire boyfriend, expressing their freedom and personality without skipping the standards of good clothing and elegance.

Furthermore, exempt the godfather, witnesses and wedding guests to follow the rigor of the dress code which is wearing the classic diplomatic tuxedo, since the cutaway Prince of Wales not the rest are forced to wear tuxedo, although it's advisable.

The monochrome option three pieces is very elegant, sophisticated and distinguished. Conjoined with ties in colors that best combine the same gray as the eternal black, blue, bottle green or red, provide a sober and elegant result. They can be smooth or small designs like polka dots, thin stripes, etc.

As for fabrics, you can opt for a formidable alpaca gray jacket, a cool fil a fil, an original pinstriped, classic herringbone or an aristocratic prince of wales.

If we want to break the rigor and seriousness, we can accompany the tuxedo Prince of Wales vests monochrome contrast: smooth satin in ivory, white, albero, etc. and contrast it with ties with micro-designs (polka dots, stripes, checks, etc) or stamped (cashmere, small flowers, etc.)

Italian bespoke blue short frock wedding suit, coordinated with pants prince of wales check, style 1188 Ottavio Nuccio Gala, Gentleman collection

For the more daring and strong character, tartan vest option is bold, daring and certainly very original because usually, almost no boyfriend dares to get out of the established canons. In this case we choose one, preferably smooth unobtrusive tie.
The best tuxedo shirts for the Prince of Wales are cutaway collar. The variety of colors for a ceremony can not leave the white or blue. While the blue shirt supports more variants, pinstriped or white collar. Yes, always double fist twins.

Another supplement that can not miss in his coat's pocket handkerchief or pocket handkerchief. Some prefer to choose the same fabric or drawing tie. Others, for added versatility and apparent unconcern, which combine different tissue or drawing. Brand rules the groom.

Italian bespoke wedding morning suit, prince of wales, style 1193 Ottavio Nuccio Gala, Gentleman collection.

A supplement that does not support the alternative minimum or outburst. The protocol is rigid and unforgiving with this element. For general tuxedo and tailcoat Prince of Wales in particular, the shoe of a groom must be a black lace pattern Oxford.

To complete your perfect outfit, do not forget a good pair of suspenders and cufflinks in silver or black. Prevents belt is not appropriate for a wedding suit.

Italian bespoke black wedding morning suit, gray fil a fil pants style 1191 Ottavio Nuccio Gala, Gentleman collection.