Fashion suits - Comercial Moyano
There is a great variety in styles of dress is concerned. There are the usual, classic, clothing suitable for every situation, made to last. But if we want a more modern type of suit that stands out for its details and mark tendency we opt for a fashion suit.

Italian bespoke black and red fashion jacket in jacquard fabric with peak lapel and single patterned button closure. Flap pockets and angled buttonholes; and single vent at back

Fashion suits cover a lot of styles, regardless of allowances that put him. Varying in color, fabric, printing, these suits offer a personal perspective to transmit our way of life through clothing.

Fashion and going through the collections Emotion, Ottavio Nuccio Gala presents its trendy suits, these costumes are perfect for setting a trend, due to its slim fit and sharp details.

Men wedding suit metallic blue short frock coat in New Performance fabric with peak lapel and one button closure, style 406 Ottavio Nuccio Gala Fashion collection.

Fashion collection frames a series of suits for anyone who takes your fancy dawn of the traditional. Its most basic collection consists, essentially, of a button suits (favoring the notch) in addition to the flap tip (more aggressive than the classic V-shaped). Besides its identity is characterized by some glitter fabrics (some almost imperceptible, for the most discreet). Silver and black combined with details like jewels in the crown lapel pinstripe or details of this collection.

Passing of neutral colors such as gray and black, we run into the Color Collection. This collection whose dresses are mostly made of cotton, silk or linen; It has a wide range of colors to choose the dress that best suits the way we are. Through the cakes in white and blue to orange hues, the more acidic strawberries, these colors combine plain fabrics with prints of flowers, patchworks or in combination.

Italian bespoke gray/light gray patchwork fashion suit in new performance fabric; coordinated with charcoal gray trouser in alpaca fabric, style 1174 Ottavio Nuccio Gala, 2015 Emotion collection.

Furthermore, the Emotion collection, has a Gothic style. The black echoes in this collection, combined with metal and glitter, the more rock style. Fashion cut suits loaded with details like glitter in the lapel, or stamped metal skulls everywhere.

This style of clothing aimed at a type of people with a very definite style, maintain a slim fit to favor the figure. They are perfect for use giving them an air of tuxedo with bow tie and cummerbund, vest and tie addition to the classic suit. Their tissues vary more in this collection. Combined with acetates and industrial fabrics, provide costumes, metallic sheen on a par with rich blacks. Either three-piece or combined in different ways, this collection suits are the icing on the cake for a gothic-rock style.

Italian bespoke blue fashion suit in shantung fabric with black satin peak lapel; with matching waistcoat, style 1100 Ottavio Nuccio Gala, 2015 Emotion collection.