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Mario Moreno Moyano presents his new collections 2022 for all types of weddings and social events, enjoy his collections, all of them with a stylized slim fit and completely tailored to your measurements for a bespoke fit and experience.

How to define the different styles according to the personality, lifestyle, place and time where will be held the celebration or event?

Population is divided into lots of social tribes, each one with its peculiarities and convictions; a traditional man will feel highly uncomfortable in a group of punk rock people, as well as a Hipster in a crew of b-boys and so on. From this situation, it begs the question: how can it exists only one fashion valid for all of these social tribes, so different from each other? Each one has its fashion, each one is fashion.

To find the perfect groom suit, first of all one has to know what style is the best suitable for his personality and also the time and the place when and where the ceremony will be celebrated have to be considered.

Gentleman Collection 2022

The perfect collection for a traditional man, which is distinguished by its elegance and attention to details of excellence. Completely “Made in Italy” tailored style wedding suits and morning suits.
This collection is divided into three categories:

Italian Morning Suits

For a ceremony in the morning that is celebrated in a church, the family has a classical and traditional style, the most appropriate model is the traditional morning suit. What is very important to take into consideration that in case we choose the classical morning suit, is that the family members and the closest friends, should accompany the groom also wearing a morning suit. One piece jacket, without cut at the waist to highlight the figure. Wide range of colors and combinations, from the classical black morning coat with black and grey striped morning suit trousers to the elegant grey shades, again in great trend for the new season, like light grey, charcoal grey, anthracite grey or patterns like wool “fil-a-fil”, wool silk, cool wool, mohair wool alpaca, royal blue or navy which remain the main trend for this new season, and we can't forget the burgundy tones. Vintage combinations with pattern like Prince of Wales and Houndstooth and pure Jacquard Silk waistcoat or velvet vests with an aristocratic Victorian inspiration, a great trend this season.

Bespoke suits

Italian classic bespoke suits with an impeccable and stylized tailored fit adapted to new trends.  Bespoke suits with one or two buttons, wide notch or peak lapels, ticket pocket and double vent. Wide range of patterns like wool silk, pure wool, cool wool, mohair wool alpaca, wool “fil a fil”, wool serge, wool herringbone, pinstripes, Prince of Wales, Madras. Suitable suits for a civil wedding with a classical and traditional taste. Matching color double breasted waistcoats or made of pure Jacquard silk with pure silk plain color ties, micro designs, regimental stripes and paisley designs.

Black Tie Collection 2022

Flawless elegance evening men suits. Tuxedo and tail coat for a wedding in the evening and night, that will be celebrated in a cocktail ambiance, for gala events, evening luxury party or red carpet nights.
This collection is divided into two categories:

Tuxedo, Black Tie

Suitable bespoke suits for a wedding in the evening that will be celebrated in a cocktail ambiance. The most appropriate would be that the family members and closest friends, accompany the groom also wearing a tuxedo. We can choose amongst the models with shawl-collar or peak lapel, or the double breasted model. In this case, it is important to know that if you choose this model, the jacket has to be worm always buttoned up. Wide range of patterns like wool silk, pure wool, cool wool, shantung silk and velvet. Pure jacquard silk Dinner Jackets or aristocratic inspiration Smoking Jacket made of velvet red, burgundy, bottle green, purple, blue or black, with satin shawl collar, satin cuffs with satin trimmings. Inspired by the Smoking Jackets worn by the aristocracy men in smoking rooms. Not forgetting the traditional British Style wool tartan with the most popular designs such as "Royal Stewart" or "Black Watch".

Tail Coat, White Tie

The tail coat is a suit for men for formal events that should be preferably worn in the evening. One of the most famous events where a tailcoat is worn, is at the ceremony for Nobel prices, other possible events are at Embassies, States dinners, coronations and theatre premières. Bespoke Italian tail coat with black satin wide peak lapels, black color made of pure wool satin, cool wool or wool mix, the excellence of elegance for gala events. Suitable wedding suit for evening and night time weddings and gala events.

Fashion Color Collection 2022
Enjoy these colors explosion, of fresh and light fabrics, suitable for boho style weddings, garden weddings, beach weddings or alternative weddings will be celebrated in open places like gardens or on the beach. Suitable groom suits for spring or summer weddings or fashion events. For an amusing wedding in a “boho”, “shabby”, “country” or “hippy” style, celebrated in a garden, on the countryside or even on the beach, with the closest family members and the everlasting friends. Suits, redingotes and Patchwork blazer in pastel tones and in very light qualities like cotton, linen or shantung silk, coordinated with bow ties, suspenders and colored socks. Floral blazers for men and double breasted vintage suits,  that will give a very funny touch to a wedding in a romantic and bohemian style that in inspired by the 60’s and 70’s.

Emotion Collection 2022

Pure fashion Italian suitswith Gothic, Heavy Metal and Rock inspiration, made out of bespoke and luxury fabrics like pure jacquard silk, trendy floral pattern and brocades. For a wedding that will be celebrated in the evening, in an ambiance with music and a lot of fashion, where the groom is a man that likes to dress according to the latest trends and that for this day is looking for a suit that gives him emotions. Italian fashion slim fit suit with gothic, rock and heavy metal inspiration. Floral brocade trendy party blazer and tuxedo, made of exclusive fabrics, pure jacquard silk and luxury brocades. Super fashion suits and double breasted suits with details like embroideries, skull, dragons, chain, studs and accessories that make an amazing personal look without being extravagant.

Steam Punk Collection 2022

Collection inspired by the Victorian era, suitable for couples with a fantasy soul who is looking for a thematic wedding inspired by literary works such as "The Time Machine" and retro futurist currents, from the second half of the 19th century, in the Victorian and Edwardian times, at which time the Industrial Revolution was in full swing. In this new trend collection, we can find Victorian-inspired redingote and  tailcoat suits, combined with striped pants or Prince of Wales Check and Houndstooth. Vintage waistcoats in pure Jacquard silk, brocades or aristocracy inspired velvets. All this combined in a "peculiar" way outside the "traditional" schemes, with details reminiscent of old England at the industrial revolution age such as pocket watches with chains, Victorian style cameos and brooches, top hats and canes in the purest aristocratic Lord style, suspenders, eccentric glasses, gloves and leather details. This particular collection is especially created for couples with strong personality who want to enjoy a thematic wedding inspired by a world anchored in the stories of Julio Verne and H. G. Wells.

Gothic Collection 2022

The Gothic Collection is a mix of emotions that sees the protagonist of a modern man, dark lover, mysterious but at the same time sophisticated with a romantic soul. Suitable Groom Suits for style alternative thematic weddings. Created for a man who emphasizes his vanity, with redingote models, Mao collar and tail coats made in Brocade or Jacquard Fabrics, exclusive designs worldwide Mario Moreno Moyano. Luxury Suits with precious details as embroideries or crystal rhinestones, and embellished with metallic accessories in Gothic Style that make the strong personality in the choice of this line. A collection based on the importance of shades and of dark and marked coordination. An exclusive Mario Moreno Moyano for an impeccable total look with details like skull, dragons details or canes with a dragon's head and a skull. The Gothic Groom suit in suitable for Thematic weddings, in original locations needed for couples who have great personality and they want to make their day unusual and out of the standard.

Baroque Collection 2022

Suitable wedding suits for a couple that want to feel like princess and and prince for one day and enjoy a wedding full of fantasy and romance. The wedding can be in the morning or in the evening, in a church or in civil in a castle or in a palace in baroque style. Unique and exclusive models worldwide, inspired in XV and XVI centuries by the ages of enchantment. Frock coats and Redingotes, made out of exclusive fabrics, brocades and pure silk jacquard, embroideries, precious handmade details and perfectly matching accessories with the taste and the fantasy that such a romantic and legendary collection requires. Redingotes and jackets with precious details and handmade embroideries, always inspired by the ages of legendary warriors and designed in harmony to make the dream of a couple become true and make them catch the eyes of everyone.

Mario Moreno Moyano, offers you all the wedding suit models of the Collections: Gentleman, Black Tie, Fashion Formal, Fashion Color, Emotion, Gothic or Baroque custom made, bespoke and guarantees the experience of the service and an exclusive excellence worldwide shipping online shop service. Your desired custom made wedding suit with your measurements directly to your address.

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