SAS & Returns


The Online Store Comercial Moyano works with a return policy well defined and established in the purchasing conditions.
This returns policy can only be applied to any product in the online store Comercial Moyano
Our store does not have generic products for sale, all our items are manufactured individually for each client, so we have a very strict policy returns that should read and accept before making a purchase on our online store.
We only accept the return of products in stock in our warehouses (consult before placing the order if they are stock or must be made expressly for the client).
the full amount of the order placed on-line in the following cases will be returned, provided that we cannot replace a new product by unavailability:

  • Product incorrectly sent.
  • Product defect.

All other returns will be deducted from the total costs of product customization to each customer (see table of fees).

To return cases as are:
  • Size Error.
  • Change your mind about the desired product.
  • Dissatisfaction with the color tone reflected on our web*
* Our photographs are rigorously calibrated by our graphics department to deliver a lifelike image of our products, but we know it can vary depending on the monitor or device used for viewing. We have a delivery service physical sample for the customer to confirm the fabric in person before place the order.

Fees Table


International A

International B


(Only in stock)

- 25 €

- 45 €

- 30 €

- 50 €

- 50 €

- 70 €

(Only in stock)

- 50 €

- 70 €

- 75 €

- 95 €

- 100 €

- 120 €

Bespoke Suits

No returns are accepted

Bespoke Shirts

No returns are accepted

Bespoke Waistcoats

No returns are accepted

Zone A: America (North, center & south), Africa, Europe
Zone B: East Europe, Asia & Oceania

Shipping costs do not include the payment of customs and taxes and clearance charges.

Return policy may apply within 14 calendar days once the order is received only if:
  • The product is returned damaged or dirty.
  • The product has not been used.
  • Returned products must include original tags.
  • Manufacturing defects that are only noticeable after unpacking the product should be reported within 24 hours of receiving the order in the manner indicated above, indicating the order number, the damage caused to the product and urging the return of the product affected and replacing it with a new one or refund the price paid for it if the item is sold out.
  • Embroidered shoes on artificial skins or made with costume fabric: These fabrics are not designed for use in shoes, but are used to achieve perfect coordination with the suit, for this reason the use in the shoe is not guaranteed, it is very delicate and indicated to wear it on the day of the event. REMEMBER THAT WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THE INTEGRITY OF THE SHOE WITH ITS USE, SO THERE ARE NO RETURNS FOR THIS REASON.
  • Costumes with rhinestones: These designs with rhinestones are very spectacular, but they require a lot of caution with the rubbing of the sleeve with the rhinestones of the pocket, it is very delicate and prone to hooking with the inside of the sleeve. REMEMBER THAT WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THE INTEGRITY OF THE COSTUME WITH ITS USE, SO NO RETURNS ARE ALLOWED FOR THIS REASON.
Items can not be changed if the item is sold out.
Comercial Moyano reserves the right to refuse or refund if the goods and articles are deemed to have been damaged by client. Our maximum liability is limited to refund if a manufacturing error is detected.
For more information, or to query returns contact
Customer Service Center

For any incident related to the return of items in our store should be addressed to Comercial Moyano via email, sent a message to or on the tel. Customer Care Tel .: +34 91 542 4272.
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