Red tartan plaid suit with black lapel, style 948 Mario Moreno Moyano.

Red tartan plaid suit with black satin lapel


bespoke suit, red tartan plaid wool jacket with black satin peak lapel and one button closure; coordinated with black wool trousers, style 948 Mario Moreno Moyano, Black Tie collection.

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  •  ():  Red tartan plaid suit with black satin lapel -  Muchas gracias por todo! El traje me sienta perfecto!
  •  ():  Red tartan plaid suit with black satin lapel -  Tienda muy recomendable, gran trato y servicio.
  •  ():  Red tartan plaid suit with black satin lapel -  Good service, thanks for all!
  •  ():  Red tartan plaid suit with black satin lapel -  Bestellung ohne Probleme geliefert, alles ok danke!
  •  ():  Red tartan plaid suit with black satin lapel -  Je l'aime !!

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Make a difference; go for a tartan plaid suit!

With our stylized pattern, peak lapel and shoulder tight trousers without clips, this tuxedo Mario Moreno Moyano will give you personality and elegance.

Cut with a fabric of new technologies based on light fibers that add convenience and living in any event to highlight colors, you can select your suit both royal blue, brown or gray.

Custom Suit with signed liners and pure mother of pearl buttons (you can order them lined for ceremony; we will send the original game parts for later use).

You can complete your outfit with our proposal photo:

  • White 100% "double twisted" cotton shirt with 100% cotton pleated bib front, with cufflinks and studs, diplomatic collar and simple cuff.
  • Black double-breasted waistcoat in pure wool extra satin woven fabric.
  • Pure silk tartan bow tie.
  • White linen handkerchief.
  • Black patent leather "Francesina" lace-up shoes. 
  • Black classic cufflinks.

  • Collection Special Events
  • Compositions 100% Wool
  • Style Peak Lapel
  • Colour Red
  • Model 1 button suit
  • Fabric Design Tartan
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